Soleil: Ah, there he goes, there he goes. Kamuo!

Kamuo: Soleil. You came.

Soleil: What’s wrong? You told me to come to this empty place...

Kamuo: It’s not empty. Here, look up at the sky.

Soleil: The sky...? Ah...

Kamuo: Around here, this is the best place to see the sun all large and clear.

Soleil: Wow...! This is wonderful!

Kamuo: Ah. It totally looks like you.

Soleil: Huh?

Kamuo: Your smile is like the sun. I’d like to always be looking at that smile...right beside me.

Soleil: ......... Kamuo... What’s the matter? Did you get hit in the head?

Kamuo: N-no! I’m being completely serious! Soleil. I want you to accept this.

Soleil: This is...a ring?

Kamuo: Ah. The reason why I called you here today was to ask you to marry me.

Soleil: ...marriage...? Whaa!? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?

Kamuo: But I picked a ring that was modeled on the sun and would suit you... It would make me happy if you accepted it.


Soleil: .............. ...I’m sorry!

Kamuo: ...Ah, well...

Soleil: Ah, no, no! I wasn’t refusing just now... Even though we went through the trouble of professing your feelings, I wanted to apologize for saying things like, “Did you get hit in the head?”


Kamuo: Oh, that’s what that was? I was surprised...

Soleil: The answer is of course... Okiedookie. Other than you Kamuo, there hasn’t been a man who has made me feel this way. I’ve liked you ever since the day that you looked like a woman.


Kamuo: Eh. From the day I looked like a woman? So if that never happened... Then, you feel in love with the female version of me!?

Soleil: Yes!

Kamuo: Yes...

Soleil: But it’s okay. Now, I like the man version of you. The reason is because when I took that magic powder, lots of different people looked like women... But the only one who set my heart a fluttering was you. Even now... It’s really beating. ...Look, my chest, do you want to touch it and see?


Kamuo: Whaaaaa! No, no! That’s not okay!

Soleil: Huh, why?

Kamuo: Why? ...Because until we are husband and wife, I won’t go around touching your body, that’s why. Since I know how you are feeling... you need to take better care of yourself.


Soleil: Okay... Understood.

Kamuo: Alright, you’re a good kid. Thank you for accepting my marriage proposal. I will definitely make you happy. But... So, if I tell you not to have an affair with another guy, that might not be something I have to worry about.


Soleil: Ehh... Okay. Then, I won’t cheat on you. For me, and for alwaaaaays, it’ll only be you, Kamuo!

Fade to white:

Thank you! I love you, too. Other than girls’ love, this is the first time I’ve had this feeling.


Fade to white:

This is...a little embarrassing.